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Canada's Wonderland really is the One.

What is CoasterCircuits?

CoasterCircuits is an outlet for me to share my Canada's Wonderland notes, commentary, and media to the world.

I've been a coaster enthusiast since I was a kid, even though I haven't had the opportunity to travel around chasing credits. Instead, I've stuck around to become a huge fan of Canada's Wonderland. I grew up with the park since the mid-90's so I can't help but share my memories and notes about what's new. I hope you'll follow along and enjoy the ride with me!

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The Photo Gallery has pictures from my visits to Canada's Wonderland.


I've been posting Canada's Wonderland trip videos to YouTube since 2013.


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Canada's Wonderland Source

Canada's Wonderland Source is a guide and information database for all things Canada's Wonderland!

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There's lot of great content out there. Here are some of my favourite links!

Canada's Wonderland Official Website

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CPFoodBlog covers the dining offerings across all of the Cedar Fair Parks.