On the road to 2017… What else is NEW?

Since my last blog post about updates on the Canada’s Wonderland website (which was retweeted by CW on Twitter — Thanks CW!), there’s even more to share! Let’s go through it together.

New Canada’s Wonderland Website

On April 10, both Kings Island and Canada’s Wonderland went public with their refreshed websites. The older websites were not mobile-friendly and generally felt outdated when compared to “modern” websites out there. The focus on a responsive design that adapts well to smartphone screens is apparent.

The site looks fantastic on mobile and great on desktop, but I wish the site would throw everything from paginated lists onto the screen when I’m looking at it on my widescreen monitor. Having to scroll sideways through a list of events one at a time on desktop just feels wrong. That’s just me though.

Special Events Line-Up for 2017

Wonderland came out with the 2017 special events list, and it’s absolutely nuts. In addition to some fantastic returning events, there’s “Celebration Canada 150” which are a bunch of Canada-themed events throughout July. Here’s the complete list:

  • Brew & BBQ
  • Celebration Canada 150
  • Celtic Dancers
  • Chinese Acrobatic Show
  • Earth Rangers
  • Fireworks
  • Food Truck Festival
  • Freestyle Ski Aerials
  • KidZfest
  • Live Music & Traditional Canadian Food
  • Oktoberfest
  • Parkour Freestyle
  • Street Performers
  • Taste of Greece
  • Taste of Italy
  • The Great Canadian Fiddle Show
  • Ultimate Thrill Circus
  • West Coast Lumber Jack Show
  • White Pine Dancers
  • Wonder Jam
  • WoofJocks Canine All Stars – Splash

Arthur’s Baye and the new Celebration Plaza

A lot of the Celebration Canada 150 events will be in Medieval Faire at Arthur’s Baye. They make mention of “Celebration Plaza” so I’m curious to see if there will be any major theming for it in July. Arthur’s Baye itself is a unique stage and has a decent amount of seating and surrounding plaza area. It shouldn’t feel as congested as Action Zone sometimes feels during the special events it hosts.

Live Shows Line-Up for 2017

The live shows list is familiar but it wouldn’t feel right without it!

  • Charlie Brown’s Happy Campers
  • Cirque Canadien (Return of Wonderland Theatre Cirque show)
  • Flying Frontenacs (Rethemed Kinet-X)
  • Peanuts Party in the Plaza
  • Snoopy’s Symphony of Water
  • Starlight – Northern Reflections (Rethemed Starlight Spectacular, part of Celebration Canada 150)
  • Victoria Falls High Dive Show

The “Candy Heist” Thing

I posted about the Candy Heist story that went international, primarily because of the infrared helicopter that was used to locate the kids. I wasn’t sure how to format the post with my own opinion piece in it but since we’re here… I just wanted to say that I am not one of those who believe this was “a waste of taxpayer money”. The story should have focused more on the trespassing than on the candy. You don’t know what three kids running around in an empty dark amusement park are going to do. The helicopter is used in home invasions and the like. I don’t see what the difference is.

760 Vaughan Mills/Wonderland Bus Returns

The YRT’s next set of service updates are happening April 30th, which is Wonderland’s opening day. While there’s no new route navigator up yet, searching for the schedule shows a rather limited schedule on opening day.

The first bus to arrive at the park is at 9:45am and the last bus to leave the park for the day is at 6pm. It’s not early enough for Early Ride Time at Soaring Timbers and not late enough for closing either, but at least it’s a sign they haven’t given up on the route too much. (A lot of bus drivers were commenting on how quiet the Wonderland stop was last year, especially in spring and fall.)

Bank Days

Every year, CW hosts “bank days” where employees of banks can exclusively enjoy the park. These bank days happen before the park officially opens for the season… I’m going to be so jealous of those who post up Soaring Timbers pics while I sit here waiting for opening day.

Here’s the calendar:

  • April 22 – BMO
  • April 23 – Scotiabank
  • April 29 – RBC

Official Sledgehammer POV

CW recently posted an on-ride POV video of Sledgehammer. I’ll end this post with that. Enjoy: